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Guiding You Home.

I'm Maxwell Brown, and I've been navigating the Mid-Ohio Valley real estate market since 2016. Currently serving as the Co-Owner and Director of Marketing at Coldwell Banker Select Properties, I'm fortunate to work closely with bridging the realms of real estate and marketing.

In my role, I wear multiple hats to ensure each property under our banner receives the attention it deserves. Responsible for professional photography, aerial photography, and 3D virtual tours for all of our listings, I aim to showcase homes in the best possible light. I believe in a quality-first approach, recognizing that the details matter when it comes to selling someone’s home.

My journey in real estate has evolved to encompass modern marketing strategies. Crafting and deploying social media ad campaigns has become a cornerstone of my efforts, all aimed at generating maximum exposure and demand for the homes we bring to the market. It's a dynamic landscape, and I'm committed to using modern tactics to meet the ever-evolving needs of the modern consumer.

Beyond the property itself, I bring a blend of creativity and technical skills to the table. By developing skills in graphic design and photo/video editing, I’ve gained the ability to create compelling promotional and listing content at the company level. It's about more than just selling properties; it's about building a brand that is known and trusted.

Education has also played a role in my professional journey. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ohio Valley University, I approach the real estate business with a holistic understanding of its economic and strategic dimensions.

In my earlier years, I was a proud member of the Men's baseball team at Ohio Valley University. Those four years instilled in me the values of teamwork, discipline, and dedication—traits that have seamlessly transitioned into my current role.

In essence, my approach to real estate is grounded in a genuine passion for the industry and a commitment to delivering quality service. I'm here to assist our team in providing a world-class experience to our community, all while utilizing a blend of traditional values and modern techniques.

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Phone: 740.760.3271
Lic #: WV0030425

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