In an industry with many different names and faces, it’s often difficult to determine what differentiates one agent or agency from the rest. This page is designed to help us show you what separates us from our competition. By giving you a deeper insight into the processes and practices that we use, our hope is that you will see why it is truly valuable to employ a quality agent to sell your home. Selling homes is all about marketing…and no one does it better.


Creating quality marketing content

The first step in selling your home is creating quality content that has the ability to generate meaningful engagement between your home and those seeing it online. Let’s face it…times have changed, and potential buyers start their search on the internet. It is absolutely crucial that your agent prepare marketing materials that showcase your home in the best possible way. Each and every home we list is provided with the following services: Professional photography, aerial photography, and 3D virtual tours.


Professional Photography

Using a 45+MP professional-grade camera, we produce industry-leading images of your home.


Aerial Photography

There's only one place where we can accurately capture the size, scale, and scope of your home and property: the sky.


3D Virtual Tours


Let's allow potential buyers to virtually walk through your listing by deploying the Matterport 3D imaging system.

Professional Photography

The listing photos will serve as the primary media for your home. Producing high quality, professional photographs is an absolute must if you want to have a successful sale. We simply cannot risk a single potential buyer overlooking your home due to a low quality, unprofessional approach. If someone overlooks your listing, the demand for your home goes down, along with your chances of receiving the highest possible sale price. We use a professional-grade Nikon DSLR camera to capture high resolution images. These images are then post-processed using Adobe software to produce a professional final product. Our photographer has an active real estate license, works exclusively with Coldwell Banker Select Properties, and strictly shoots real estate photography. Our process is constantly being refined to deliver you with the most effective listing photos. The fact of the matter is this: You're paying your agent to market and sell your home; professionalism should be at the core of every action. Take a look at some samples of our work below:

Interior Listing Photo Samples

Aerial Photography

Along with professional photos inside the home, giving an accurate and high quality representation of the exterior of the home is non-negotiable. The only way to capture high quality exterior photos: via drone. We use one of the newest UAV's on the market, and we're also licensed with the Federal Aviation Administration to operate an unmanned aerial vehicle for commercial use. The primary benefit of using a drone is gaining the ability to capture photos from the best possible angles around your home and property. For example, taking a basic exterior photo of a home from the ground gives an awkward angle and distorts the look of the home. The best angle is actually 15-30 feet off the ground, level with the home. Beyond the standard exterior photos of your home, it is also impossible to accurately represent a property from the ground. By taking our photos from the air, we're able to create a high quality representation of your home and property; increasing the likelihood of potential buyers gaining interest in your listing. Check out some samples below:

Aerial Listing Photo Samples

3D Virtual Tours

Maintaining the theme of representing your home accurately and fully, a 3D virtual tour allows us to give a potential buyer the most realistic experience of viewing your home without physically visiting the property. Using the Matterport 3D imaging system, we scan your home from top to bottom to create an immersive, interactive 3D space, which allows potential buyers to virtually walk themselves through your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

3D Virtual Tour Sample